The Swaziland National Association of Teachers shall strive to improve the professional socio-economic status of teachers, enhance collective bargaining for teachers and encourage maximum participation and dynamic provision of quality education to the learner and the Swazi Nation at large


 To become a trade union organization that effectively provides the best service to its members, the profession and the nation through embracing current and relevant industrial and educational practices.

 Organization  Background

The Swaziland National Association of Teachers(SNAT) was founded in 1928, while Swaziland was still under the British Protectorate with a discriminatory education system, largely under the influence and educational practices.


  • Protection from unfair dismissal and ill-treatment
  • Better wages
  • Better Pension packages and Death benefits
  • Education on worker rights and life betterment strategies
  • Legal represantation in idustrial issues
  • Protection from abuse in the workplace
  • Paid meternity leave
  • Better and healthy accomodation facilities
  • Provision of Credit and Savings Scheme (SNAT Co-operative)
  • Provision of Burial Scheme services
  • Good relations between management and employees
  • Provision for entertainment and sporting activities

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