Aims and Objectives of The Association

    The aims and objectives of the Association shall be to:

  • Promote interest of members in professional and socio-economic development.
  • Promote the status and welfare of teachers through the professionalization of the teaching service.
  • Foster the draft and implementation of educational policies and code of conduct in professionalism.
  • Combat discrimination on the basis of gender, race, social status/health status, religion and political affiliation.
  • Combat sexual harassment of teachers and pupils.
  • Enhance the status of women and maximize participation of women teachers at all levels of society.
  • Take whatever legal proceedings in pursuance of the enshrined aims and objectives as well as protect teachers against victimization by the Employer or her agents.
  • Promote unity amongst all independent and democratic unions both locally and internationally in education sectors; thereby contribute to the furtherance of Trade Union Movement.
  • Regulate the relations and settlement of disputes between members and their employers; being either the Government or other educational institutions or authorities.
  • To collectively bargain for members with the employer.
  • To advise, consult, defend and promote collective interest of members or any other issue that may be of interest to its members; including matters of public policy and public administration.