Board of Trustees (BOT)

  1. The Board shall:
    • Be composed of five members who shall be elected at Biennial Conference and shall hold office for a term of four years.
    • Not be members of the National Executive Committee.
    • Be a person of good standing in society.
  2. The Board shall:
    • Monitor the operations of the Union.
    • Mediate or take such constitutional steps as to attend to matters of misunderstanding, conflicts at National level. It shall make recommendations for consideration by National Conference.
    • Keep a register of all assets of the organization, movable and immovable.
    • Have power of Attorney if and when the Association is banned or dissolved.
    • All funds and the real and personal property of the Association shall be vested in the Trustees who shall administer them in such a manner as the National Executive Committee or Biennial Conference shall decide provided that such decisions are in accordance with the rules of the Association.